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Picolo & Associados, Ltda. is constantly involved with investigative and survey work dealing with marine casualties and emergencies in a worldwide basis. From marine casualties to salvage operations to damages, accidents and investigations of all shapes and sizes. Our offices are strategically located all along the Brazilian coast for easy access and a timely attendance. Our dedicated staff is ready to assist whenever and wherever needed.


M A R I N E  C A S U A L T I E S
Hull & Machinery


As the name implies, Hull & Machinery (Insurance), usually covers damage to the ship’s hull and machinery. As such, when shipowners sustain such damage, it is usually the appointed H&M Surveyor's responsability to carryout the necessary inspections in order to ascertain the nature, cause and extent of damage sustained in that particular occasion.


At Picolo & Associados, Ltda., we represent and attend to various Underwriters around the world and we understand that by having a prompt and timely response to a casualty is critical to the success of all parties involved. During our many years of experience, we have obtained a network of ship and pier repair companies, specialist and authorities which allows us to provide excellent and precise information to our Undewrwriters for their adjustments.


Collisions and Groundings


It doesn't matter how prudent you are, collisions and grounding are inevitable. "From a global perspective, grounding accounts for about one-third of commercial ship accidents, and ranks second in frequency, after ship-on-ship collision." Severe grounding can cause undesirable consequences as the vessel will be subject to extreme loads and deterioration of its hull can rapidly occur. "In most serious accidents, it might lead to hull breaches, cargo spills, total loss of the vessel, and, in the worst cases, human casualties." In grounding situations, timing is of the essence; both in preventing a larger loss or simply waiting for a favorable tide. Our expert staff are located all along the Brazilian coast ready to assist in a moments notice.




Over the past 35 plus years of operation, Picolo & Associados has been involved in various pollution cases, ranging from few liters spilled overboard during bunkering operations, to larger scale oil spills measured in tons. Concerns about the environmental impact of shipping has caused a lot to change. Together with this high visibility are the high cost. In situations like these, we are ready to participate and act in order to protect the environment, human life and property.

Salvage and Towing Operations

We are constantly involved in salvage and towing operations. We have created a solid partnership with local salvage companies which allows our engineering staff to work together with the salvage companies out in the field to provide the necessary service as well as work with the local authorities all while preserving the environment, life and property.




One study indicates that 90% of global trade is transported by shipping. As Cargo Surveyors, we will act on behalf of the Interests concerned (i.e. P&I Clubs, Correspondents, Charters, Owners, etc.) in order to assist the master in ascertaining the condition of the cargo being loaded. We will also perform tightness test (UT) on the hatches prior to loading, draft survey to determine the actual cargo loaded on board as well as issue lashing certificates and make sure that the cargo loading is performed according to the law and is within the loadable limits. With cargo disputes (damage or loss) we will investigate the root cause and offer tailored solutions to our clients. 




Fire incidents is one of the top five risks in Marine & Shipping today. Similar to pollution, fire and explosion incidents, even when small, can take on the form of a large-scale incident. The cost associated with mitigating the loss as well as with the consequential damages that can cause can quickly get out of control. As an example, today’s modern container ships can carry over 21,000 TEU; that is almost 20 times the carrying capacity of pre-World War II freighter ships. Consequently, fire/explosion onboard of large container vessels has become an increasing problem and concern for Underwriters. For this reason, it is important to have a good, competent, knowledgeable team onboard and P&A can provide just that. We will work together with local authorities and contractors alike to reach the best and most cost effective solution. 


Protection & Indemnity (P&I)


We work together with the International Group of P&I Clubs, individual Members and Correspondents alike in order to mitigate liability of the Club and its Members. From cargo claims to people claim we are ready to act at a moment’s notice in all aspects of P&I insurance. We are also heavily involved in P&I Entry Surveys on behalf of the Clubs.




Picolo & Associados, Ltda. is also heavily involved in several other types of surveys and inspection on a case by case basis. These include, but not limited to:


  • Condition Surveys, 
  • Loss of Hire (LOH),
  • Casualty Investigation
  • Third Party Liability Survey
    • Advice on Damage Limitation and Mitigation of Loss 
  • General Average Surveys
  • Vetting Surveys
  • Suitability Surveys
  • On and Off Hire Surveys
  • Bunker Survey and Disputes
  • Marine Warranty Surveys (MWS)


It is impossible to list all the different types of projects we have been involved with in these past 35 plus years, however, to a great extent, if it touches the water, chances are, we are involved.